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As a User Experience designer, I recognise the value of empathy and understanding people. My design approach was to put myself in the shoes of the users and consult with others so that the end product reflected the key user needs.

Queer Bees Social club

For the service design module I worked in a group and Queer Bees, an LGBTQ+ social club for young adults in Loughborough. As a group we found that Loughborough was lacking in events specifically for LGBTQ individuals that were outside university, accessible for locals and were suitable for non drinkers. With this social club our aims were for people to make meaningful connections and friendships, to break down the barriers between university students and locals and to bring exciting activities and events to Loughborough town.

Queer Bees key Ingredients

Building Bridges:
Creating a bridge between LGBTQ students and residents is the first essential component. We anticipate that by doing this, individuals will be able to make new friends and facilitate social interactions.

Transforming spaces into safe places:
Making spaces into safe spaces is the second crucial element. Safe spaces is a core part of our service since we do not allow any kind of discrimination. As a result, we want to make sure that everyone who joins feels welcome and has a good time in the environment the social club is in.

Collaboration & expansion:
The final component is collaboration and expansion. In order to build mutually beneficial relationships and establish an ally business network, Queer Bees will work with local businesses.
Businesses that are a part of our ally business network will have the Queer Bees rainbow stickers and posters advertising our events. In exchange, they will gain visibility and possibly new customers from our community.

Queer Bees Storyboard

This storyboard shows the customers user journey from discovering Queer Bees to joining a Queer Bees mixer event and forming new friendships.

Digital storytelling: Representation

My digital story titled ‘Representation’ explores my personal experience with the lack of representation in my undergraduate course curriculum. This is a self-reflective story and I used personal images and stock media. Similar to the Racism is a pandemic story, I used a lot of stock imagery to convey my emotions and to show the issues related to the lack of representation. I wanted the audience to see themselves through my story therefore I used pictures that did not include myself.

All of my digital stories can be found on the Making of Black Britain archive on Google arts & culture.

Rianne Gregory

Major project

FirstHand - Share Your Story


My digital stories were added to the Making of Black Britain archive at Google Arts & Culture, which became live in March 2022. These personal digital stories were created in the storytelling module and explore themes of identity, representation, and culture.