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I'm an interdisciplinary designer with a user-centred mindset.


theraBall is a smart squeeze ball that can detect different squeeze strength by embedded force resistance sensors (FSR). It can also track users’ movement by collecting data from Inertial measurement unit (IMU). LED light can indicate the status of the device. The top silicone has pattern to stimulate users’ sensory. It can not only be used by stroke survivor but also can be used by their family or friend as interactive devices.


theraApp is a digital solution that provides a coherent user experience during the journey of rehabilitation. It is a digital application series that caters to the different needs of the users and different types of media. There are three types of threaApp: theraApp for Stroke Survivors, theraApp for Healthcare professionals, and theraApp for theraWatch.

theraWatch - Different Colours

theraBall - Different Top Cover

theraWatch - Exploded View

Shih-Ching Chang

Major project

A Home-based Upper Limb Rehabilitation Design Solution for Stroke Survivors


Ai301 is an IoT project (a Spectral Irradiance Meter) which had won Taiwan Excellence award in 2022.

Work Experience

I have worked as an industrial designer at Apacer Technology for two years. Besides working on digital storage devices, I also had experience in a diverse range of IoT products. Undergoing design proposals into communication with relative parties and finally into mass manufacturing, this experience not only made me grow as an independent designer but more importantly enhanced efficiency in communicating to achieve the design goal. Apart from traditional industrial design work, I also had an opportunity to work on a user experience/ interface project on e-paper, which is entirely a different design approach and experience.